January 26, 2020


Having other apps like hulu or netflix work does not mean the issue is with our service and not your equipment/internet.

Paying for high speed internet and actually testing to see what your device is getting are 2 different things. You want to be sure you are actually getting 25+ download speeds for each device thats connected to your internet. Even if you are but your paying for say 100 and only getting 25, there is a problem and you should contact your internet service provider. Analiti is a speed test app you can download directly from the firestick search icon and run a speed test to see wht your getting.

If your using the modem/router given to you by your internet provider then you for sure are not getting the best results. Routers themselves can make a big difference. You want to make sure you get/have a robust router.

Choosing between the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands on your wireless router can make a difference. 5 is generally faster but 2.4 is generally more stable. Try them both and see what works for you. If your on 5 and having issues, switch to 2.4 and vice versa. If your router doesnt have dual bands then it may be time to upgrade.

Please never use an all in one device that is a modem and wireless router. Make sure you have a seperate modem and router. The all in ones are generally junk.

You should be rebooting your modem/router weekly to keep it in good working order. Reboot by unplugging them from the wayy and wait 2-3 minutes before plugging them back in. This reset can help with the buffering.

If possible, hardwire your device to the router. That is, connect it directly to your modem or router with an ethernet cable so it is directly connected to the internet and doesnt use wifi. This will eliminate any/all issues related to wifi. Even amazon makes an ethernet adapter for firesticks because they know wifi can have/cause issues.

Having an older device means processing power and chips are outdated and can be causing buffering. Things get better and require more to work efficiently. You wouldnt use that laptop from the 90’s to run a brand new video game.

What video player you use can have an effect as well. Using a different player such as mx player or vlc can help with buffering. Both of those players are available for download from our filelinked store. ( filelink info is on the how to install pages )

Changing the setting within the app to use the hardware decoder instead of the software decoder can help give a better picture if your device has good processor and chips.

Depending on the location of the contents source, you may experience buffering due to the routing of your ISP to the source. To correct this issue, you can use a VPN ( details at https://b2streaming.com/vpn ) and try connecting to different cities to hopefully get a closer connection to the source and thus eliminate buffering issues.

If your using a firestick, make sure your using the hdmi extender. Having the stick hidden by the tv or furniture not only will cause interference with the wifi but can overheat the device ( especially since they never turn off ) and damage the wifi chips inside. Other devices near your firestick like security cameras can cause interference as well.

Regularly delete apps not used and clear cache on apps you keep. A device that is near full on its resources will bog down and run slow. On a firestick, goto settings, applications, manage installed apps and then go down the list and delete ones you dont need and the ones you dont delete, click on them and go down and select clear cache.

I know our service isnt perfect BUT the majority ( if not all ) of buffering you experience on live tv is not due to the service itself.